Talavya – a leading example of the seamless blend of tradition and modernity – is a dynamic, Indian classical rhythm ensemble performing compositions by Guruji with a contemporary presentation. The group showcases the hidden potential of the Indian hand drums Tabla as a rhythmic and melodic instrument capable of expressing a wide range of musical experiences.

Each performance showcases the perfect synchronization of complex rhythms transitioning from rousing peaks to smooth meditative passages not usually associated with drumming. It engages the pure sonic energy of Indian traditions, the narrative possibilities of the drum, and the wide-open spaces for improvisation, creativity, and personal expression that Indian arts offer.

Talavya has collaborated with artists such as Mickey Hart (of Grateful Dead), Shakura S’Aida, Sidi Toure and Cuban Fire. As educators, the ensemble has led workshops and residencies across the world. Currently, Talavya performs a work entitled Tabla Ecstasy. Past ensemble compositions include Tabla Taandav, Tabla Triveni, Tabla Tarkhat, and Ardha Taal Chakra.

Some of the notable performances were held at locations such as the Chico World Music Festival, held in Chico, California, USA, Symphony Space, NYC, TEDx ASB Events at Mumbai, India, The INK Conference at Jaipur, India, Queens University of Charlotte, USA, Lincoln Center, NYC, The Percussive Arts Society International Convention (PASIC™) 2013 at Indianapolis, USA and numerous other locations across North America.

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