If you worship ignorance, you go towards Darkness. If you worship knowledge, you go towards Greater Darkness.

A guide and mentor, Pandit Divyang Vakil, affectionately known as Guruji, is a Guru with ancient wisdom in a modern age.

Raised in an environment imbibed with philosophy, Guruji Pandit Divyang Vakil expressed an interest in deeper questions of life since his youth. With a deep desire to understand the world, he travelled from Kashmir to Kanyakumari, the Gir forest to Bengal, seeking out sanyasis, senior spiritual practitioners and religious heads. In his years of travel, Guruji has been fortunate to receive blessings and rare gems of knowledge from many sanayasis and fakirs and formally studied Indian and Western philosophy under his father and philosopher, Dr. Suresh Vakil. He was also greatly inspired by the ideas of Osho, Swami Chinmayananda, and Munni Subodh Sagarji, with whom he has had extensive interactions.


Guruji Pandit Divyang Vakil does not belong to any tradition or religion and seeks to provide a balanced and unbiased perspective. His understanding of the mundane and subtler world lends itself to teachings that can be utilized by all. Disseminating essential knowledge of complex ideas in a simple manner, he tirelessly works to remove incorrect knowledge; one of the main reasons for confusion and human suffering. He travels around the world sharing his philosophical knowledge through lectures and workshops.

His spiritual pursuits and lectures center around philosophy of the arts (music and dance); understanding the secrets within the work of mystic poets (such as Sant Kabir, Tulsidas-ji, and Omar Khayyam) and the philosophy and art of dying.


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