Taalvidya for Kathak series is a series of classes which span for a couple of weeks for Kathak dancers to develop their understanding of rhythm which is the heart of Kathak. Currently, the classes are conducted under the series label Taalvidya Classes, Taalvidya Masterclass and The Indian Rhythm Series for Kathak. These classes are offered for varied experience levels; Juniors, Intermediate, Advanced and Professional. Music has a three-fold path namely, Geetam (Vocal Music), Vadyam (Instrumental Music) and Nrityam (Dance). A kathak dancer needs to have a thorough understanding of the allied subjects to understand the art.

This Series is a curriculum designed by Guruji Pandit Divyang Vakil to bring kathak dancers closer to the basics of their own art, and enhance their performances with a better appreciation of tabla. Guruji embarks each student on a journey to develop their understanding of Upaj and improvisational compositions in Kathak, different types of Taal and Prakar, Chhandkari (the metric design behind the compositions), different kinds of tihais, and providing insight into some rare compositions of Kathak to expand their knowledge base. This series focuses on rhythmic aspects of kathak and serves as a supplement (not replacement of) to the dance training provided by the applicants’ respected Guru or teachers.

Guruji is currently mentoring over 150 kathak dancers from all over the world.

Course Highlights

Understanding of different types of ‘Taal’ and ‘Laya

The concept of ‘Upaj

Various compositions and types of ‘Tihais

Types of ‘Chhandkari’ in Kathak

Layakari’ and the concept of micro beats and a lot more.

Eligibility Criteria

15 year + Ages (All age groups and all experience levels)
Kathak Juniors
Intermediate level students and dancers
Professionals dancers
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Taalvidya Classes 1
Taalvidya Classes 2
TIRSK July 2020