Pledge for Practice (P4P)


Pledge for Practice is an annual campaign that seeks to motivate the students of the Taalim community in the United States to involve themselves in rigorous practice while raising funds for needful professional and upcoming artists in India. In 2020, the fundraiser focused its aim on supporting the livelihoods of many career performers and teachers in India which were decimated during the Covid Pandemic. Through a month-long practice commitment, the sincere efforts of Taalim’s students completed over 950 hours of combined practice! Applauded by hundreds of people, the culmination of their efforts was streamed as a grand recital on YouTube with a unique opportunity of forming large ensembles in a digital space.
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Charity Program


An initiative by Guruji Pandit Divyang Vakil, the Charity Program offers financial aid to underprivileged elderly musicians who have dedicated their lives in the service of music and have suffered financial hardships during the Covid-19 global pandemic. Under this program, veteran musicians aged 65 and above are provided financial support in a quick and hassle free manner by initiating direct transfer of funds to their bank accounts.
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Deep Dive into the Hanuman Chalisa


Hanuman Chalisa – A 40 verse homage to Ram Bhakta Hanumanji, was composed by the great Indian poet Tulsidasji and is recited daily by millions around the world. Through multimedia presentations and talks, Guruji Pandit Divyang Vakil delves deeper into the verses of the Hanuman Chalisa to reveal the hidden gems of knowledge and its very significance.
Hanuman Chalisa

Philosophy of Death


The only certainty of life is death yet it remains a vastly ignored aspect of our lives. Can we live a better life with the appreciation of death? A simplified talk on this very complex matter is dealt by Guruji through philosophy, ancient knowledge and personal study of rhythm patterns in death. On February 5, 2021 audiences around the world had a rare opportunity to listen to this lecture.
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Spiritual and Philosophical Lectures


Guruji Pandit Divyang Vakil’s spiritual works emphasize on and explore the profoundness of the three major aspects of Spirituality; Music- Knowledge- and Yoga. He globally conducts spiritual lectures, discourses and seminars on numerous subjects and rare topics such as the ‘Philosophy of Death and Reincarnation’, ‘Philosophy of Music’, ’Philosophy of the Hanuman Chalisa’, Human Behavior and more. He guides the attendees through difficult subjects with simple language and explanations, and multimedia presentations hence easing the process of understanding while instilling positivity and kindling wisdom in the viewers and listeners. 

Hanuman Chalisa
Hanuman Chalisa

Sarva Dharma Prarthana


Sarva Dharma Prarthana: A global prayer for every religion, every human.
What force could be more powerful than a prayer?
Always pray for others and work for the good of others. Cultivate compassion for all are one and One is in all. तत त्वं असि To instil this feeling in all and help his students rise above self, Guruji led 200 of his disciples in prayer in the evening of May 4, 2021 in a virtual meet. Let us pray to ease the pain of every soul troubled by the pandemic and give divine strength to one and all to face these trying times.
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Sangeet Satsang


Music is enjoyed by all as an art form. It is perceived as a means of entertainment and human expression. What many do not know is that traditional Indian music and its practice was one of the paths for spiritual self-discovery. This dimension of music remains unknown to many young music aspirants.
Sangeet Satsang is an initiative by Guruji, Pandit Divyang Vakil, to help music students develop an understanding of the subtler and spiritual aspects of music. The 60 minute virtual meet-ups are filled with Guruji’s insights, knowledge gained from his direct Gurus, unknown facts of musical legends, sant Vaani, masterfully woven with philosophical and scientific explanations into its fabric. Practical and do-abletaught by Guruji are designed to help transform daily practice into a true sadhana leading to mastery over their chosen art form.
Sangeet satsang sessions are attended by artists, music enthusiasts and students belonging to the various faculties of music. Open to all, you are welcome to be a part of this rare opportunity.
India Hindi Every alternate Sunday 10: 00 AM IST
International English Every alternate Sunday 11: 30 AM ET/ 8: 30 AM PT
Please appreciate that this rare knowledge is being imparted by Guruji in a sequential manner. To develop understanding of the subject and to be able to contextualise various topics participants are expected to attend every session.
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Tabla Workshops


Tabla workshops led by Guruji Pandit Divyang Vakil aim at providing a variety of theoretical and practical aspects governing the art form to Tabla students of different age groups and experience levels. It also includes educating the participants of the workshop about the subtler aspects of Tabla as a performing art including compositions from various gharanas, layakari, integracy of accompaniment, calculation of complicated tihais and aesthetics of Tabla.

Tabla Workshop
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Taalvidya for Kathak Workshops


Taalvidya Workshops for Kathak dancers are 2- hour virtual workshops designed for advanced level Kathak dancers and professional Kathak artists. The workshops are intense in nature and are focussed on enriching the understanding of kathak dancers about various fundamentals aspects of Indian Rhythm, Types of Kathak Compositions such as paran, concepts of layakari, tihais, chhandakari, Upaj and more. Currently the Taalvidya Workshops for Kathak dancers are conducted under the label names Taalvidya for Kathak Workshop and Rhythms of Kathak Workshop.

Guruji on Instagram to receive regular updates on upcoming workshops and events for kathak dancers.
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Taalvidya for Kathak Series


Taalvidya for Kathak series is a series of classes which span for a couple of weeks for Kathak dancers to develop their understanding of rhythm which is the heart of Kathak. Currently, the classes are conducted under the series label Taalvidya Classes, Taalvidya Masterclass and The Indian Rhythm Series for Kathak. These classes are offered for varied experience levels; Juniors, Intermediate, Advanced and Professional. Music has a three-fold path namely, Geetam (Vocal Music), Vadyam (Instrumental Music) and Nrityam (Dance). A kathak dancer needs to have a thorough understanding of the allied subjects to understand the art.

This Series is a curriculum designed by Guruji Pandit Divyang Vakil to bring kathak dancers closer to the basics of their own art, and enhance their performances with a better appreciation of tabla. Guruji embarks each student on a journey to develop their understanding of Upaj and improvisational compositions in Kathak, different types of Taal and Prakar, Chhandkari (the metric design behind the compositions), different kinds of tihais, and providing insight into some rare compositions of Kathak to expand their knowledge base. This series focuses on rhythmic aspects of kathak and serves as a supplement (not replacement of) to the dance training provided by the applicants’ respected Guru or teachers.

Guruji is currently mentoring over 150 kathak dancers from all over the world.

Course Highlights

Understanding of different types of ‘Taal’ and ‘Laya

The concept of ‘Upaj

Various compositions and types of ‘Tihais

Types of ‘Chhandkari’ in Kathak

Layakari’ and the concept of micro beats and a lot more.

Eligibility Criteria

15 year + Ages (All age groups and all experience levels)
Kathak Juniors
Intermediate level students and dancers
Professionals dancers
Email here to learn more about the Taalvidya courses for Kathak dancers by Guruji.
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Taalvidya Classes 2
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