Tantra (Lecture Excerpt)

Tantra (Lecture Excerpt)

We have to understand that tantra is not spiritual. Tantra is physical. But tantra is not only physical. It works with the occult level. Tantra has five objectives:

Boghti or Ishtprapti (Control of Desired Objects or Enjoyment)

Mukti (Liberation)

Vibhuti (Control of Supernatural Powers)

Parimansankramana (Change of Dimensions)

Swa par-gyan (Knowledge of Self and Others)

What is physical and what is occult?

Physical means any matter that occupies space and is constrained by time – so it has a fixed beginning and end. Our body is physical. Yet there are many things in our body that are simultaneously physical and not physical. There are things that cannot be taken into the laboratory and defined by the dimensions of space and time. Some examples include memory, thoughts, dreams, dreams within a dream, and intuition. All of these things fall within the occult level, also known as supraphysical.

Tantra directly deals with occult matters, where science deals with physical matters.