Chakravyuha (noun):

  • an ancient army formation, circular in nature, that could only be created and exited by a select few;
  • a symbol of technical and artistic mastery
True to its name, Ardha Taal Chakravyuha is a technically rich and immensely difficult tabla composition created by Pandit Divyang Vakil. Wrapped in mathematical intricacies, it is a classical tabla ensemble that highlights the depth of Indian classical tabla. Based on the concept of his previous work – Ardha Taal Chakra, Ardha Taal Chakravyuha is a re-invention of a unique concept with new taals and compositions, in a more challenging form. Starting with the smallest rhythm cycle of 2.5 beats, the circle grows, one beat at a time, making its way to 15.5 and ultimately landing on 16. Performed by five talented artists of Pandit Divyang Vakil, the complexity of the work is cloaked by perfect harmony and synchronization.

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