It is harmony… created by five tabla players.
It is melody…encircled by the most difficult calculations of rhythm.
When it comes to technical genius and involvedness, its almost impossible to reach the height of Pandit Divyang Vakil’s composing brilliance. Ardha Taal Chakra is one of the rarest kinds of compositions to be performed by a group of tabla players (Tabla Anekbandhi).
Starting with the smallest rhythm cycle of 2.5 beats, the circle grows, one beat at a time, making its way to 15.5 and ultimately landing on 16. Ardha Taal Chakra is technically very complex and includes many brand new taals.

Ardha Taal Chakra is performed by five talented artists of Pandit Divyang Vakil – Om Panchal, Kaumil Shah, Rahul Shrimali, Jainam Shah and Sahil Patel , supported with the dynamic melodies (lehra) by Rushi Vakil on the keyboard. At the time of the debut performance of Ardha Taal Chakra, all artists were under the age of 20.

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